A 43 kg skier starts from rest at a height of H = 29 m above the end of the ski-jump ramp. As the skier leaves the ramp, his velocity makes an angle…
October 17, 2020
October 17, 2020

(1) Identify an Educational Psychology issue that is personally relevant
a. The second page provides potential topics
b. You may also choose another topic or modify one provided on the second page (Make sure to
first check with me)
(2) Locate at least two additional resources in addition to the text and class discussions (i.e. website,
empirical articles, books).
a. It is expected that you reference these sources both in the text and in a “Reference” section. See
page three for APA reference style.
(3) Write rough drafts that include the following sections:
a. Explain your issue in a manner that demonstrates understanding of the key components
b. Articulate your view on the issue
c. Provide a justification of your view through appropriate evidence (theory and opinion)
(4) Submit final assignment
What is an appropriate length for my paper?
 Roughly 57
pages, though the length will be contingent on the scope of your chosen topic.
How will this assignment be evaluated?
 Please see the rubric on page 4
Potential Topics:
1. Some have suggested schools’ concern for children’s moral development and their selfesteem
misplaced, and the business of the school is to teach knowledge and cognitive skills. What is
your position regarding this issue? Explain.


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