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October 9, 2020
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October 9, 2020

1.Which of the following terms refers to the diversity of species living in an area?
(a) habitat diversity
(b)genetic diversity
(c) species richness
(d) habitat inclusiveness
2.Why is productivity important to an ecosystem? Choose all that apply.
(a)It shows how changes in weather disturb an ecosystem.
(b) It shows how some plants are able to protect other plants against harsh conditions.
(c) It is an indicator of how effectively plants are converting sunlight into food, thus capturing energy for the ecosystem.
(d) It allows the ecosystem to recover from disturbances.
3.A niche: includes all the biological and physical factors that a species needs to survive.
requires frequent migration of a species.
relies on coevolution of a species.
demonstrates that a species cannot coexist without character displacement.
4.How would curtailing human population growth help preserve biodiversity? Choose all that apply.
(a)It would help societies work together for preservation.
(b) Humans would require fewer resources.
(c) Humans would require less space.
(d) Humans would require less food.
5.The greatest increase in biodiversity occurred during the:
(a)Cambrian explosion.
(b)early Cenozoic era.
(c)modern era.
(d)pre-Cambrian era.
6. ______ is when species adapt to one another over a long period of time.
(a) Population cycle
(b) Habitat maintenance
(d) Coevolution
7. A species that is evidence that an ecosystem is healthy and contains a regular set of species is called:
(a) an indicator species.
(c) an invasive species.
(d)an immigrant species.
8.Which of the following is an example of cooperation?
(a)keeping a beehive near a flower garden
(b)cutting down an old-growth forest
(c)putting up a fence around a berry bush
(d) planting vegetation that deter deer
9.The fact that both the medium and small finches residing on Santa Cruz Islands have non-overlapping beaks is an example of:
(a)character displacement.
(c) pheromones.
(d)biological control.


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