(1) Identify an Educational Psychology issue that is personally relevant a. The second page provides potential topics b.
October 17, 2020
The cost of healthcare discussion
October 17, 2020

can someone please help me understand how to construct this essay. I know absolutely nothing about politics and am somewhat confused. I have read the chapters and understand the
ideology and will be choosing the conservative view…
12:36? ..| LTE {it o ASSIGNMENTS o Textbook: Chapter ‘I, 20 Lesson . Minimum ofl scholarly source Instructions One role of government is to ensure thatpolicies benefit the people within theirjurisdiction. . For local governments, it would be thetownspeople or city dwellers. o For the state governments, it would bethe people living within the state. o For the federal government, it would beeveryone within the borders of thecountry. Using an ideology discussed in thetextbook, construct an argumentexplaining how this ideology upholds thepublic good by examining power, order,and justice. Select an ideology discussed in thetextbook. In an essay, examine how power,order, and justice as it relates to theideology you choose promotes the publicgood.
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