M3A2 LASA 1 Development Throughout the Lifespan
November 20, 2020
Distinguishing Between Anxiety Disorders – Nursing Paper Desk
November 20, 2020

16 – 47 Two protein kinases , PRI and PK work sequentially in an intracellular signalingpathway . You create cells that contain inactivating mutations in the genes thatncode either PKI or PK 2 and find that these cells no longer respond to aparticular extracellular signal You also create cells containing a version of PKIthat is permanently active and find that the cells behave as though they arereceiving the signal even when the signal is not present . When you introduce thepermanently active version of PKI into cells that have an inactivating mutation inPK you find that these cells also behave as though they are receiving the signaleven when no signal is presenAFrom these results does PKI activate PR 2 or does PR2 activate PKIExplain your answer

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