February 19, 2021
Communications plan- paper 1000 words
February 19, 2021

you must complete this discussion board using these textbook as primary reference…(Eric D.knaap(2014))and you must add reference to bellow Each point with page numbers from above textbook Example(knaap,2014, pg.no68)
This week we will be continuing our journey to develop and communicate a cyber-security improvement plan in our case study assignment for PureLand Chemical. During week-4, we’ll be developing and submitting a description of the threats and vulnerabilities facing PureLand Chemical.

First, read the document titled, COMMON VULNERABILITIES IN critical infrastructure control systems.pdf available in Blackboard. This document will provide an overview of common vulnerabilities of ICS systems.
Using the information in the common vulnerabilities document in addition to your own knowledge of PureLand Wastewater, write a one page summary of the threats and vulnerabilities for PureLand Wastewater.
This threats and vulnerabilities assessment will be a part of your cyber-security improvement plan and you should strive to provide a clear and concise description of threats and vulnerabilities facing PureLand Wastewater with a detailed description of APTs
Submit to blackboard your threats and vulnerabilities document in the assignment thread provided.

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