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October 17, 2020
what is the theoretical value of order of the following reaction?
October 17, 2020

 Due Tomorrow 2-7-17 at 4p.m EST..Be on time, original work, 5 pages not including title and reference page, use citations minimum 7 references APA format Be familiar with PUBLIC HEALTH
Use  these heading and stick to the topic which is TEEN VAPING and the population is TEENS NOT TEENS AND ADULTS.
 Theory– THIS IS YOUR HEADING—-à Describe the significance of socio-ecological theory and its application to this issue (teen vaping) Hint: The Social Ecological Model (SEM) is a theory-based framework for understanding the multifaceted and interactive effects of personal and environmental factors that determine behaviors, and for identifying behavioral and organizational leverage points and intermediaries for health promotion within organizations.
      Intervention– THIS IS YOUR HEADING—–àPropose an intervention across all levels of the SEM for your population (teens) and public health issue (teen vaping) Hint: SEM is individual, interpersonal, organizational, community/environment and society/public policy
     Application-THIS IS YOUR HEADING—à Explain how applying your intervention across all levels of the SEM will contribute to positive health outcomes.
      Stakeholders– THIS IS YOUR HEADING—àDescribe which stakeholders and organizations you will work with to execute your intervention.
    Community Based Participatory Research– THIS IS YOUR HEADING-àExplain how you would apply the principles of community-based participatory research for this intervention. Hint CBPR in public health is a partnership approach to research that equitably involves, for example, community members, organizational representatives, and researchers in all aspects of the research process, in which all partners contribute expertise and share decision making and responsibilities
    Anticipated Outcomes– THIS IS YOUR HEADING–àExplain the likelihood that your intervention would be successful in contributing to favorable health outcomes for the population (teens) you selected.
   Essential Public Health Services-THIS IS YOUR HEADING-à Briefly explain how your proposed intervention addresses at least two of the essential public health services. Be specific and provide examples


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