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November 22, 2020
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November 22, 2020

1. The design style that features bands of floral materials isA. waterfall.B. Mille de Fleur.C. Biedermeier.D. western line.
2. Which one of the following statements regarding taping is most accurate?A. Over taping is the best way to ensure that your arrangements stay in place.B. Tape should extend at least halfway down the sides of a container.C. Diagonal tape patterns are recommended over foam.D. Tape should blend in well with the color of the base.
3. Positioning like materials in separate vertical groupings definesA. shadowing.B. framing.C. sequencing.D. parallelism.
1. _______ refers to the process of tying materials together to hold them in place in an arrangement.A. ClusteringB. BandingC. BindingD. Grouping
2. In contemporary arrangements, _______ is sometimes glued to the bottom of the container, and the foam is placed on top of it.A. a kenzanB. a greening pinC. an oasis prongD. moss
3. What is the difference between the vegetative style and the landscape style of flower arranging?A. The vegetative style features flowers as they’re found in nature, while the landscape style resembles a cultivated outdoor garden.B. The vegetative style incorporates the techniques of terracing, layering, and clustering, while the landscape style doesn’t.C. In vegetative arrangements, the stems within groups are of a uniform height, while in landscape arrangements, they aren’t.D. Vegetative arrangements group same-season flowers together, while landscape arrangements don’t.
1. The design technique that involves placing groups of materials together with little or no space between them is calledA. clustering.B. grouping.C. sequencing.D. framing.
2. Which of the following design techniques would generally be employed in a new-convention arrangement?A. BandingB. BindingC. SequencingD. Framing
3. In a floral arrangement, the focal area is oftenA. the container in which the arrangement is held.B. the smallest flower in the arrangement.C. established by using secondary flowers in the arrangement.D. the largest flower in the arrangement.
1. It’s most accurate to say that hand-tied arrangementsA. include only one or two floral materials.B. are difficult to carry.C. require a concealed water supply.D. are especially popular for weddings.
2. Which design style encourages a complete manipulation of floral materials into unnatural geometric shapes and colors?A. AbstractB. New waveC. New conventionD. Ikebana
3. The main element involved in basing isA. texture.B. theme.C. line.D. color.
1. The foam for what type of arrangements is often held in place with pan glue instead of bowl tape?A. Arrangements in glass vasesB. Contemporary arrangementsC. Traditional arrangementsD. Hand-tied arrangements
2. Which of the following styles is related to the Mille de Fleur style?A. New waveB. LandscapeC. WaterfallD. Flemish
3. Which design style resembles a half-moon?A. Western lineB. Hand-tiedC. CrescentD. Abstract


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