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October 17, 2020
Ethics and Corporate Responsibility in the Workplace and the W |
October 17, 2020

For Questions One and Two, read the article attached entitled, ‘A Brief History of Liberalism and Modern Political Thought’. 
1) What is the difference between the word liberal in the classical sense versus the contemporary meaning of the word? What is liberalism in the classical sense predicated on?
2) According to the reading, how did the industrial revolution along with the first and second World Wars forever change or alter the foundation of liberalism and modern democracy?
3) Read over the ‘Democracy Outline’ that is attached. According to the outline, what are the four basics elements of democracy? In 2015, which do you think the United States is the most effective in upholding for its citizens?
4) Please watch two videos (Milton Friedman-Take It to the Limit and Karl Marx).  Briefly define Marxist socialism and  libertarianism? (You may use outside sources if the ones in the syllabus do not suffice). 
5) According to the material on “Democratic Socialism” (HTML)
“Democratic Capitalism: MWCC Interview with Ray Carey”  (you may also use outside sources), what is the difference between democratic socialism and democratic capitalism? 

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