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October 17, 2020
A device used in radiation therapy for cancer contains 0.50 g of cobalt _27^60 text(Co) (59.933 819 u). The half-life of _27^60 text(Co) is 5.27 yr….
October 17, 2020

A Patient in an MRI that generates a magnetic field of 3.0Thas forgotten to take off a medical diabeticc bracelet. Thebracelet iws 6cm in diameter. The MRI machine moves the patientfrom a field of 0.05T in to high strength of the magic over acouser of 15.0s. What is the emf generated on the patient bracelet?Realizing the mistake the MRI technician rushes to pull thebracelet out of the magnet which takes only 0.1s. what is the emffelt by the bracelet during removal?
AreaA=pi*D2/4 =pi*0.062/4 =2.83*10-3 m2Induced em


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