A patient lying horizontally on his or her belly is in the _______ position
April 8, 2021
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April 8, 2021

The meaning of analysis isabsence of whole.to dissect.a cutting apart.a separating into parts.
Which one of the following choices is a combining form, not a prefix or suffix?PATHOOPSYCENTESISRETRO
Which one of the following prefixes means “through”?“Pro”“Peri”“Pre”“Per”
Which one of the following choices would be the ending of a term indicating the surgical removal of abody part?
Individuals with high blood pressure are often prescribed _______ by their physicians.hypoglycemicshypolipidemicsantihyperlipidemicsantihypertensives
The organs of the abdominal cavity are calledviscera.mediastinal.pleural.fascia.
_______ are often used to prevent nausea and vomiting.KeratolyticsAntitussivesAntihistaminesAntiemetics
_______ are typically used to block pain.AnestheticsAntipruriticsAnticoagulantsAnalgesics
A patient lying horizontally on his or her belly is in the _______ position.pronelaterally recumbentrecumbentsupine
Your little toe is _______ to your torso.proximallateralsuperiormedial
Which one of the following choices best describes a cell?A specialized body part composed of tissuesAny complex living being, plant or animalThe smallest “living” structure in the bodyA structure in the cytoplasm
The pelvic cavity houses thebrain and pituitary gland.urinary and reproductive organs.heart and lungs.major organs of digestion.
In medical terminology, a _______ generally turns a word into a diagnosis or medical procedure.rootsuffixprefixcombining form
Which one of the following words is related to the axial skeleton?BrachialMetacarpalPatellaCranium
A physician whose specialty is to diagnose and treat diseases and disorders involving the bones, joints,and muscles is called a/an
The word parts -ac, -al, -ary, and -ic are allprefixes that function as prepositions.adjective suffixes meaning “pertaining to.”noun suffixes indicating procedures.pseudosuffixes formed from roots.
The correct order for analyzing the parts of medical terms isprefix, root, suffix.root, suffix, prefix.suffix, root, prefix.suffix, prefix, root.
The _______ is an axial body part.phalanxneckcarpustarsus
What is the prefix meaning “excessive, above”?HYPOB.-HYPO
-HYPERHYPERWhich one of the following suffixes means “inflammation”?-ITIS-DYNIA-OSIS-EMIA


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