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November 22, 2020
Please help need clear work thank you… What does the term ALIDEIM stand for?
November 22, 2020

A policemen on a motorbike is initially at rest at the intersection between two streets when he observes a car crossing the intersection while the light still red an immediately accelerates to catch the car. The car has an initial velocity of 8.00 m/s and accelerates at 1.00 m/s^2. The policemen, which is initially at rest, accelerates at a rate of 3.00 m/s^2.A) What is the distant travelled by the police in the first 5 seconds of its motion? B) What is the velocity of the police after traveling 65.0 meter from his starting point?C) How long will it take for the police to catch up with the car ? D) After how many seconds will the velocity of the two vehicles ( Police and other car ) be at the same time ?

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