Select and discuss one concept that you feel would help people understand why attorneys may act the way the do on behalf of their client. Can be an
October 31, 2020
You are the Brand Manager for the new imaginary company that you’ve created. Your current assignment is to put together a marketing plan for your company. In a marketing plan you will always find an Executive Summary. An Executive Summary is a brief secti
October 31, 2020

A prospective MBA student earns $45,000 per year in her current job and expects that amount to increase by 8% per year. She is considering leaving her job to attend business school for two years at a cost of $30,000 per year. She has been told that her starting salary after business school is likely to be $95,000 and that amount will increase by 14% per year. Consider a time horizon of 10 years, use a discount rate of 14%, and ignore all considerations not explicitly mentioned here. 

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