Reflection Paper Religion – pay for dissertation
March 14, 2021
i want a presentation of this cwho participate inpolitics why and how what encourages or discourages political participation describe the political participation in nigeria
March 14, 2021

POL 101- Paper Checklist for Current Government Affairs Assignments
Cover page for the assignment should include

Your name
Your class section number and meeting day/time
The article’s title
The article’s source
The article’s web address (if you used an online source)

Article- does the article relate to the United States government, a state government, or a local government? Does it deal with a branch of government (legislature, executive, judiciary, or the bureaucracy)? Please identify the level of government and branch in your summary.
Article- is the publication date within the fourteen-day window?
Article- print it out as soon as you find one you like and make sure you have the entire article (scroll down to the bottom of the article on your computer and compare that with what was printed off)
Paper- did you include a summary?
Paper- did you include your opinion?

1-2 pages, typed
Word (or Google) document
12 to 14 size font, Times New Roman style

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