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August 19, 2020
August 19, 2020

Accounting for healthcare—interview for the Chief Financial Officer position at Stanford Health Care.

(10 PAGES) ASSIGNMENT: You are a senior financial executive in the field of health care. Although you are happy in your current position, you have been extremely fortunate to be asked to interview for the Chief Financial Officer position at Stanford Health Care. The interview will occur in early 2015, shortly after Stanford Health Care closed out its books for Fiscal Year 2014. The interview process will include three separate interviews with the following groups/individuals: the CEO, the Finance Committee for the hospital’s Board of Trustees, and the external audit team (who recently completed their audit of the FY 2013 and FY 2014 financials for the hospitals).In order to demonstrate your in-depth knowledge of health care accounting and finance, and to ensure that you have as much information as possible in order to determine if you want to accept this position if it were offered to you, you will develop a series of five questions for each of the interview sessions listed above (for a total of 15 questions and answers). In order to anticipate the responses, and based on some research you have done using the Consolidated Financial Statements, Auditor’s Report, and Notes to the Consolidated Financial Statements, you will develop your anticipated responses to each of your questions.INSTRUCTIONS:Note: You only have to utilize the actual Consolidated Financial Statements from Stanford Health Care that are posted to the Readings’ list. Any other information that you develop related to your questions and answers may be “made-up/fictitious,” though you are more than welcome to do further research on Stanford that would provide factual information.Be certain to consider not only your prior experience and accounting knowledge as you make a list of your questions (15) relating to the accounting at the organization, but also a careful ear and eye for hints of the type of problems that MAY exist (or that you may make-up) related to the accounting and financial aspects of Stanford.•Use APA-formatted headings. You will have three Level 1 headings, for each of the three interviews, and 10 Level 2 headings under each Level 1 headings.•You must include at least 10 peer-reviewed or professional sources (HFMA and the textbook may be included as sources)..•The body of your paper will consist of your 15 questions and responses. It will look a little like this:.CEO Agenda – Five Questions and Anticipated ResponsesQuestion 1How do you……?Response 1This is how I would answer question 1.Auditor’s Agenda – Five Questions and Anticipated ResponsesQuestion 6How do you……?Response 6This is how I would answer question 6.Finance Committee’s Agenda – Five Questions and Anticipated ResponsesAccounting Fundamentals for Health Care Management•Chapter 16: Investment Analysis – What Should We Do Next•Chapter 17: Capital Structure – Long-Term Debt and Equity FinancingArticles and Websites•


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