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College Entry Essays Must be a Reflection of Your Inner Self

ollege entry essays also known as college admission essays or college application essays play an important role in the college admission process. Universities have some criteria for the selection of students for their study programs. They prefer to have students who are likely to excel in their studies and become successful. The purpose of admission essays is to identify such promising students out of the vast number of applicants. Acceptance rates of some prestigious colleges are as low as ten percent. This shows the fierceness of the competition to join the colleges. By mastering the college application essay writing requirements, you can enhance your chance of being selected by many folds.

Get familiar with the Type of Essay Prompts

Students applying for the colleges have to write their college application essays based on essay prompts being provided by the university. By getting familiar with the essay prompts given by the college they are applying for, the essay writing process can become easier. Some colleges expect students to send in the application essays by post or by email. Some reputed colleges call for students for a test and students are to write their application essays at these tests. The entrance essays have to be written responding to essay prompts given by the college. The essay prompts are designed to trigger responses that would reveal the students’ character, and other details that cannot be extracted in an application form.

College Essay Prompts from recent Years

If the students are familiar with the type of essay prompts from colleges, they can read, learn and practice responses in order to prepare themselves for writing the type of college entry essays expected from the students. Following are some essay prompts given by colleges in recent years.
• What do you think people who know you would be surprised to learn about you? Limit your response to one page.(Rice University)
• Pose a question of your own, the answer to which you believe will display your best qualities as a writer, thinker, visionary, social critic, sage, sensible woman or man, citizen of the world, or future citizen of the University of Chicago. (University of Chicago)
• What do you think has been the most important social or political movement of the twentieth century? Do you share a personal identification with this cause? (Trinity College)

What not to do when writing College Essays

Students will be compelled to overdo things, omit relevant details or lie about themselves when writing a college entrance essay. Here, are some things not to be done.
• Do not write a boring introduction
• Do not use abbreviations, slang, jargon or jokes in your essay
• Avoid controversial issues like religious, political, ethnic or volatile social issues
• Do not discuss your weaknesses
• Avoid using many quotations. Use your ideas.
• Do not brag about your achievements
• Topics like sex, drinking and drugs, are inappropriate for an entrance essay. Avoid them.

Getting Essay Help increases the chances for Selection

Getting essay help from someone experienced in the task of admission essay writing can increase the chances of being selected. As the college entry essays can be a key factor in the selection process, students should seriously consider getting essay assistance from a professional writing service, in order to improve their application essays.

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