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October 9, 2020
With of the following best describe the relationship between president Wilson’s fourteen points and the treaty of verailles
October 9, 2020

action plan research proposal with your professor.
Improving Students’ Performance through Cooperative Learning in Classrooms
As teachers, one of our objectives is to improve the general classroom performance through cooperative learning. The main research question I will answer after carrying out this study is, ‘how can teachers promote learning objectives through cooperative learning approach in classrooms?’ Improving student relations, self-esteem, and grades of weak students are often pegged on well managed cooperative learning controlled by teachers. In this paper, I will consider successful methods that will aid in promoting learning, pro-social behavior, high level thinking, and better understanding of student participants with adjustment needs, learning, and social needs. By answering related questions to the main research question such as those to determine the current student’s involvement in cooperative learning, factors that contribute to low student participation in cooperative learning, and the possible strategies to improve students’ cooperative learning, it is possible to come up with decisions that promote group work learning.


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