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October 9, 2020
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October 9, 2020

Write an essay on a topic of interest in the domain of Health Care Ethics.October 9, 2020

Adult drug & alcohol abuse
In this unit, you will be creating an Annotated Bibliography of various sources that you locate on a particular social issue, which means that you need to evaluate journal articles, books, and websites.  You will need to evaluate the these sources, not only for there usefulness as a resource for the particular topic and also make judgments as to their strengths and weaknesses.  Use your best judgment when choosing which sources to include in the Annotated Bibliography.  You must have at least two journal articles, one book, and one website.  You may download the Website Evaluation Form to help you evaluatei want you to write a research about Adult drug & alcohol abuse
websites.  Please note that you will NOT be submitting the form as part of the assignment.  You only use the form to evaluate the websites.  The only document you will turn in will be the Annotated Bibliography created using either Microsoft Word or the free Open Office software.
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