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April 8, 2021
Evaluate how the patient’s diet affects the person’s health (anatomy) and the progression of the illness (pathophysiology)
April 8, 2021

In this paper, you will examine cultural changes within an organization. Using an organization you are familiar with, observe and review cultural changes within the organization with an eye to preparing a summary/analysis that includes the following:
Identify and discuss the cultural changes that have taken place in the organization within the past year or so.
Highlight the nature of these changes; if driven from the outside or the inside, viewed positively, negatively, etc.
Describe how these happened, leadership’s role and the impact on the organization.
Provide insight in the summary section regarding the effectiveness/not of leadership’s role in the change and your recommendations for how this should be done in the future (if different from your observations).
Additionally, identify whether you consider this organization to have a learning culture or not and explain why.
Provide a summary of 4 page paper that addresses the above points. Your paper should page double-spaced addressing the points above and should cite supporting information according to APA

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