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September 16, 2020
re socw6333 assignment assessment wk 6
September 16, 2020

Sustainability Metrics and Industry Analysis (20% of grade).

Select an industry and provide an analysis of what the most important sustainability metrics are in that industry and why (back up your answer with solid research). What are most firms reporting in that industry? How are they reporting it (i.e., GRI, other?)? What do stakeholders what to see from the firm? Provide a graph of where you see major firms in your industry in terms of sustainability performance. Do not rely exclusively on corporate self reports.

Your analysis should be prepared as if it was something you might turn into your boss. It should be about 2-3 pages single-spaced plus reference list and any graphs or tables.


Here is the outline for the individual metrics project.

I. Introduction: briefly describe the industry, major companies and what percent of the industry these companies represent

II. What are the top firms (you will likely choose the top 3 or so firms – in terms size/market share in the industry) reporting in terms of sustainability? Where are they reporting?What are they reporting?

III. What do stakeholders want the industry to do? You don’t have to address the interests of every possible stakeholder but pick 2-3 that you think are most “material”.

IV. Your critique of the industry. The analysis is extremely important. What are firms in the industry doing and can you verify what they say they are doing? What should they be doing that they are not? What are the industry’s strengths in terms of sustainability? Where does the industry fall short?

V. Graph of the sustainability performance of the major firms in the industry? Choose how to best portray the information graphically (by metric? by overall firm performance?)


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