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March 31, 2021
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March 31, 2021

Read the following scenario:
A well-known researcher at a major university has two graduate student assistants. He conducts three studies in his laboratory, all of which involve very labor-intensive procedures. The graduate research assistants complete all of the data collection. They also assist in writing the Discussion section of the final article, adding their thoughts and suggestions to the various drafts. The article is accepted into a leading journal for publication. The primary researcher lists only himself as author of the article, claiming that he wrote at least 75% of the final paper.
Write  a 300 word discussion of the following:Describe the ethical consideration(s) involved with the scenario. Conclusion  
Format according to APA guidelines. 
Respond in 300 words with three scholarly references. Use citations, cite your references.  
response requires ALL 3 of the following elements… A personal view on the concept of concern related to a learning objective/competency  A useful example from research about the concept that supports your view (# 1 )   A credible source showing from where your example from research came (# 2) * cited in both the summary and below it. Citations are located in the sentence describing the conceptual example within the summary, and below the same message’s summary.
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