In 150 words, answer this following question below
February 12, 2021
What is the Societal Marketing concept
February 12, 2021

Answer each of the questions below writing about 5-8 pages in total (double-spaced, 12pt font). Be as complete and concise as possible. In each of the three responses, simply answer the exact question (or questions) asked.

On the metaphysics of Republic V-VII, what sort of entities are Forms? What is for something to participate in a Form? [30 points]
Who, according to Socrates in Republic V-VII, is a philosopher? What kind of philosophers are supposed to rule the Kallipolis? And why does Socrates think that a truly just city, like the Kallipolis, would require the governance of philosophers? [40 points]
What, according to Socrates in Republic IX, is pleasure? Why does Socrates think that the most valuable—and most truly pleasurable— pleasures a human can experience are intellectual pleasures (i.e. plea- sures of the soul’s rational element)?

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