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March 7, 2020
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To answer Exercise 1 (page 35 of text) please refer to Figure 1.2
(CNSS security model) on page 5 of Chapter 1 of the text.


The CNSS model of Figure 1.2 identifies the nine interacting
factors that influence the security of any resource. The nine
key factors are:
(1) Policy:  which deals with info security policies in place,
(2) Education: which deals with education of users on security related issues,
(3) Technology: which covers the technology used to implement security measures
(4) Confidentiality:  confidentiality of info/data
(5) Integrity: addresses measures in place to ensure data integrity
(6) Availability: to ensure authorized users access to information in usable format
(7) Storage: issues dealing with data storage
(8) Processing: issues that cover the processing and handling of data
(9) Transmission: covers issues related to factors that influence transmission of data




These nine influencing factors can be modeled as a 3-dimensional cube as
shown in Figure 1.2, where the each of the three axes of the cube represent
three of these factors. When we consider the relationship among the three
dimensions represented by the axes shown in Figure 1.2 we have a 3 x 3 x 3
cube with 27 cells, where each cell represents an area of intersection among
the three dimensions that must be addressed.




In Exercise 1 you determine how you would address the different factors that impact
the security and protection of data/information pertaining to this class (such as student
information, student homework submissions, student discussion posts etc.) by applying
the CNSS model (Figure 1.2).




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