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October 31, 2020
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October 31, 2020

Answer the following questions based on the article “Smells Like Clean Spirit”.

What could be a research question for this study?

2.What could be a hypothesis for this study?
3.What was the independent variable in this study? How was it manipulated (given to participants in different ways) during the experiment?
4.What was the dependent variable in this study? How was it operationalized (measured) in the experiment?
5.Which group(s) was/were the experimental group(s)? 
6.Which group(s) was/were the control group(s)? 
7.What is 1 possible confounding (or third) variable that could affect the results of the study? How could it affect the dependent variable of the study?
8.Was this a single- or double-blind study? How do you know? 
9.Do you think the results of this study would generalize from a group of white, Dutch, middle-class students to a group of diverse students attending Kingsborough Community College? Would the results change if you changed the type of students taking the study? Why or why not?
10.Imagine you were doing this research study with a group of 100 students from your community college. How would you conduct this study with them? Try to find new ways to measure the independent and dependent variables of this experiment.


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