GER101 Older American Act and Social Security Reform Paper
February 12, 2021
Review the feasibility report for the most critical information that lead to your recommendation.
February 12, 2021

see the pictures then answer the questions
■ Problem 1 List at least ten products that already exist, which you use, that are constantly being modified to take advantage of new technologies.

■ Problem 2. List five sports-related products that you think should be designed to make sports more fun.
■ Problem 3. You have seen bottle and containers caps in use all around you. Investigate the design of bottle caps used in any two of the following products:
■ Pepsi or coke bottle
■ Aspirin bottle
■ Shampoo bottle
■ Mouthwash bottles
■ Liquid cleaning bottle
■ Hand lotion bottle
■ After shave bottle
■ Fragrance bottle
■ Ketchup or Mustard bottle.


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