describe a city in the state of georgia that has declined in population make sure you name the city describe it location in the state and explain why its population has declined cite your references in mla or apa format
August 19, 2020
Project : Buckland – Simple Soccer Language : C++ Source was made with Visual Studio 2010, on a machine running Windows Vista. This is old source…
August 19, 2020

I need to write an answer to this apple case

This is how the task sounds :

You will find two business cases studies below
choose one and write a short answer essay on the selected case (DO NOT ANSWER THE DISCUSSION QUESTIONS GIVEN, THEY ARE JUST TO HELP YOU GENERATE IDEAS). The essay needs to be a coherent text.
The requirements for the essay:

500 words
12 Times New Roman
written in a formal / academic style
needs to have a clear structure: opening, body (with few developed arguments) and a conclusion
written in correct grammar
correct sentence structure, linkers
most importantly needs to include business vocabulary


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