Internal and External Influences Marketing (1 question 200-210 words only)
February 11, 2021
February 11, 2021

Students will compose an argumentative essay defending a legal or moral position regarding an an issue relevant to the course, using at least one of the ethical theories, at least one of the legal theories, and at least one of the topics from this semester.

Correct grammar and spelling, of course.
Maximum Length: 3000 words, excluding bibliography and footnotes.
Minimum references: 10 cited quotations from at least 5 sources. I expect you to favor sources provided on Blackboard, and Wikipedia or a dictionary do not count as sources for this minimum. Hint: If you feel compelled to consult Wikipedia, go to the References and External Links sections at the end of the article to find primary or secondary sources. Please use CMS Notes & Bibliography:…
Submission: Upload your draft to Blackboard (a single document in .docx format, titled LASTNAME_ArgumentativeEssay)
these were the course materials obviously you don’t have to read the whole thing

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