3) Ribose is the initial substrate for the synthesis of AMP and GMP (purine nucleotides and the precursors of ATP and GTP respectively).
October 17, 2020
Action Research Project |
October 17, 2020

Arthur and Melissa have been married for seven years but have been separated for the past year. The couple has two small children. They share custody. Imagine Arthur is your client, and, during a session, Arthur reveals that Melissa has recently become physically violent with him, slapping and punching him, but he has been too embarrassed to disclose the abuse. Client states that his wife has never acted this way before and he is afraid that the children may not be safe when left alone with her. Client states he is unsure about how to protect himself and, more so, his children.
1.      Describe Arthur’s level of lethality:
2.      Devise a safety plan for Arthur:
3.      Explain why you devised the safety plan the way you did:


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