Extra solar planets have been discovered by studying the varying light curves of a star. This method is called A. The astrometric methos B. The…
October 9, 2020
MGT 601 The Functions of Modern Management
October 9, 2020

(Article Review). You will prepare a 2-3 page, in APA format, typed summary of a recent news or journal article relating to operational leadership or governance. Students will summarize the article in their own words and explain the relevance of this article to the topics covered during Week 2. All reviews must follow the article review guidelines .
Article guideline:
•Reviews should begin with a full bibliographic citation (author, title of journal article, name of journal, volume, issue, date of publication pages).
•Your review should summarize the article and critique it on the information it gives you.
•What is the purpose of the article (main points – major theme)?
•Critique means your substantiated opinion of the article, including one possible use in your employment environment.
•What are the strengths, weaknesses and validity of the article?
•Does the author accomplish her/is objective? Does the author do what she/he has set out to do?
•If you quote the author, use appropriate APA style quotations and citations but quote very sparingly.
•Double-space, left justify only, use a one-inch margin of all four sides of your text, avoid abbreviations such as etc.
•Since this is a review of one article, no page citations are necessary.
•Running head – your name and name of the article in the header on each page
•Reviews should be 2-3 pages in length and only include one article per review.


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