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November 22, 2020
Alabama A & M University Situational Leadership Theory Models Paper
November 22, 2020

As shown in the figure below, you exert a constant force F to the right on a conducting rod of length 20.0 cm that can move without friction along a pair of conducting rails. The rails are connected at the left end by a resistor of resistance 30.0 Ω, and we can assume that the resistance of each rail and the rod is negligible in comparison to the resistance of the resistor. There is a uniform magnetic field of magnitude 1.00 Tdirected into the page, and the rod begins from rest. Both the rails and the magnetic field extend a long way to the right. Note that you should be able to do this problem without a calculator.
(a) A long time after the rod begins to move, it reaches a constant speed of 2.00 m/s. When the rod reaches its maximum speed, what is the magnitude of the induced current in the loop? _____A In what direction is this induced current?
clockwise, or counterclockwise    
(b) What is the magnitude of the constant force F you exert on the rod for the rod to reach a maximum speed of 2.00 m/s? _____N


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