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March 14, 2021
Business Expansion and Stutainabiltiy Long Term Recruitment Plan
March 14, 2021

Topic:  Baptist Medical Center Jacksonville


Systems analysis serves as a vital design, strategic and long-term
planning resource for Healthcare Manager and Administrators. This
assignment will allow the student an opportunity to demonstrate their
knowledge of the systems framework which represents the central design
of every health care delivery system or health services organization.
Within the paper, the student needs to accomplish the following:

Select a health system, health services organization or local hospital.Apply the Health System Assessment Headings to collect information from the organization’s website.Supplement findings with research on health systems or healthcare management.Document findings in an APA formatted paper using the Health System Assessment Headings.

Health System Assessment Headings

Include the following information in your course project.

System Foundation

a. Company Description: The healthcare organization
description outlines vital details about the company, such as name,
location, size, target market (ambulatory, dialysis, hospice, long term
care, surgical center or tertiary facility). Also describe the health
system’s mission, vision and values.

b. Management Summary: Describe how the organization is governed and introduce the leadership team.

System Resources

. Human Resources: Provide insight relating to staffing and human resources.

a. Technology & Equipment: Identify any noted significant current or new diagnostic equipment/technologies (CT Scan/MRI/Laser/Life Science/Research).

b. Finance: Denote and explain financial/economic
approach (For Profit/Non-Profit). Provide a general summary reporting
operating expenditures, if available.

System Processes

. Products or Services: Describe products and/or
services with emphasis on the patient value. Note specialized care
delivery capabilities (i.e. Cardiology, Emergency Management, Oncology,
Stroke, Surgical, or Trauma) and/or any other special capability

a. Market Analysis: The market analysis is also
known as a documented investigation of a market that is used to inform a
firm’s planning activities, particularly around decisions of inventory,
purchase, work force expansion/contraction, facility expansion,
purchases of capital equipment, promotional activities, and many other
aspects of a company. Provide an overview of the health care market in
the local community and potential major competitors.

b. Marketing Strategy & Planning: Describe the
organization/system’s marketing strategy, scope of services (inpatient,
outpatient, managed care, integrated). Note where you think the
organization is positioned in the broader local, state, national, or
global market.

System Outcomes

. Socioeconomic: Examine any concerns related to treating Special Populations based on the demographic makeup of the community served.

a. Globalization: Identify how the health
system/organization could generate a more global impact and what
critical health policy issue or issues would it address (access, cost,
or quality). Describe what strategies you would recommend for this
company to increase partnerships in the local, state, national and
global marketplace.


Students should use the following format for their written assignment.

Your paper must include three (3) to five (5) pages of written content.The content pages do not include the title, abstract or reference pages.Use APA format and cite sources, as necessary. If you need a refresher on APA, reference the APA Learning Unit. Do your resources meet the CRAAP test?In addition to the 3 to 5 pages of written content, please include a separate:

a. Title Page

b. Abstract

c. Appropriate Headings and Sub-Headings

d. Reference Page (minimum of 5 scholarly references)

Student must use a minimum of 5 scholarly references — scholarly
references can include peer-reviewed articles, textbooks, journals and
scholarly news articles. You may not use the course text as a reference.

No plagiarism 

Course:  Healthcare Organization/ Management HSA3110

Textbook Title and Edition: Delivering Health Care in America: A Systems Approach– 7th edition

Can not use older version of this text book as well!
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