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August 20, 2020
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August 20, 2020

(Based on readings by Dr. Aaron Judkins and Christi Siedlicki)

Formatting Guidelines:

At the top of the page (Microsoft Word), include the following:

·       Your name

·       Writing Challenge entry #1

·       Date (including day of the week)

Be sure to double-space, and give each prompt a title in your writing. This journal entry should be at least one page but not longer than two.


1.     Create (in your own words) a set of the three most important nursing qualities mentioned by both writers from this week’s readings. Each quality needs to be expressed as a concern by both writers. Avoid just focusing on the lists at the end of each essay, but instead focus on qualities the writers mention throughout the essays—qualities that helped them to be successful and effective nurses.

Each of the three qualities should be written in complete sentences (1-3 per list item) and introduced with strong transitions. Each quality shared by both writers should be rephrased/synthesized in your own words. Give the list an introductory statement (topic sentence)that includes both authors’ names as well as touches on your prompt/purpose, as well as a concluding statement.

2.     Create your own set of rules based on qualities you think are important in an area from which you have experience. (Examples might include being a successful student, working as a nursing assistant, raising a child, caring for an aging parent, pet sitting, living a healthy lifestyle—generally anything from which you could offer advice to others from your experience.) There should be at least three rules. Give the list a topic sentence that helps the reader to see the context, purpose, and audience. Your list should be integrated into paragraph form with strong transitions and be followed by a concluding sentence.


I worked in a Level II trauma center in Fort Worth, Texas, for six years before I became an RN in 1998. But I wanted to be a flight nurse. I transferred to an ER because I wanted to gain additional experience in emergency nursing, and then I went back to school to become a licensed paramedic, as required by the Texas Department of Health. I gained the flight experience I needed by volunteering with Mercy Med Flight. I obtained my BSN with summa cum laude honors in 2007, and I hold a master of arts in biblical studies and a Ph.D. in biblical archeology.



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