February 18, 2021
Justin was recently referred to the agency where you work as an intake worker for a criminal diversion program (CDP). The program is for first-time offenders for charges of underage consumption and misdemeanor drug possession. In your role as the mental h
February 18, 2021

construct a paragraph of just a few sentences that describes how you would use the scientific method to figure out whether a specific organism called a lichen was alive or not. You should go online and read about lichens at this site.…then I want you to design an experiment that would test for two things. (1) Is a lichen living or not? and (2) Can the fungal part of the lichen symbiont live without the algae plant part? Just in your own words tell me what you would do to test these two things – that is, what an experiment would test for to answer each of these two questions. The entire report need not be more than a paragraph. Once you have described two brief experiments (one for each question above), y

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