March 31, 2021
◎槙田商店 ノルディックジャガード 長傘 大枝[傘 雨傘 おしゃれ レディース 8本骨 60cm] 1-2W:URUZA(ウルザ)
March 31, 2021

In paper 1 Illustrate a break-even analysis scenario in your industry. Discuss the relevant fixed costs, variable costs, expenses, and revenues. Also discuss a possible break-even point for your scenario.
Again, when selecting a company, choose one that is different from the one chosen for your final project. You may use the Yahoo! Industry Summary to help you in choosing a company.
For additional details, please refer to the Case Study Three Guidelines and Rubric document.
FOR THE YAHOO INDUSTRY SUMMARY LINK IS, for the rubric use attachment rubric1Aa and don’t choose the company APPLE
In a separate paper write :Provide at least one good (or bad) example of profit planning done by a firm you are familiar with, for example, a current or former employer. How would you determine if the firm’s information (provided in different formats by both the firm and other organizations) seems to be reasonable in their financial statements?
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