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November 22, 2020
In a gas turbine system, an axial flow multi-stage compressor is typically used whereas in a machine shop the reciprocating compressor with either…
November 22, 2020

Today’s retail world is increasingly moving online in an effort to woo customers.  Research and identify a retailer from each of these three types: (1) brick & mortar: on-ground presence only, (2) brick & click: on-ground and online presence, (3) click & buy: online presence only. Describe the structures of each of these three firms in terms of the six key elements given in the chapter.  If possible, draw a generalized organizational chart for each type of retail organization based on your research.
Tips – Think out of the box… do different organizations that we are not used to hearing about. Examples we all know about are Apple, Amazon, Google, etc.
Six key elements

Identify the seven elements of an organization’s structure.
Identify the characteristics of the functional structure, the divisional structure, and the matrix structure.
Identify the characteristics of the virtual organization, the team structure, and the circular structure
 Describe the effects of downsizing on organizational structures and employees.
Contrast the reasons for mechanistic and organic structural models.
Analyze the behavioral implications of different organizational designs.

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