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April 8, 2021
Identify and discuss any conflicts that exist between ethics and the law and explain how nurses should negotiate such conflicts
April 8, 2021

Paper Order or Assignment Requirements
uploadedNeed is a phD writer in nursing areaTitle:Does the title reflect the content?YesNoBriefly state a rationale for your answersAuthors:Are the authors reputable?YesNoAbstract:Does the abstract summarise the key components of the study?YesNoRationale:Is the rationale for undertaking the research clearly outlined?YesNoLiterature Review:Is the literature review comprehensive and up-to-date?YesNoAim:Is the aim of the research clearly stated?YesNoEthics:Are all the ethical issues identified and addressed?YesNoBriefly state a rationale for your answer including what ethical issues were identified or not identified
Methodology:Is the methodology identified and justified?YesNo
State the methodology used and the evidence based reasons why it was a suitable choiceStudy Design:Is the study design identified ?YesNoIs the rationale for choice of design evident?YesNo
State the study design used and give evidence based reasons why it was a suitable choice
Research Hypothesis:Is the research hypothesis clearly stated and variables (outcomes) defined?YesNoDescribe (in your own words) what problem the researchers identified and how they set out to answer their question?
PopulationIs the population identified?YesNoState the population that was studied and how they were identified
Recruitment /SamplingIs recruitment of subjects described ?YesNoIn your own words outline how the subjects were recruited and what sampling strategy/s were used
Data Collection:Is the method of data collection well described?YesNo
Describe in your own words how data were collected
Data AnalysisWas the data analysis rigorously conducted?YesNo
Give reasons for your answer using evidence to support your statement?ResultsAre the results presented in a way that is appropriate and clear?YesNo
Briefly discuss the implications of these results for nursing/midwifery practice and/or patient care? Include a discussion about generalizability of the results
DiscussionIs the discussion comprehensive?YesNo
In your own words briefly summarise the discussion
LimitationsAre the limitations discussed?YesNo
Briefly discuss the limitations of this study both those identified by the authors and any other that you consider important
ConclusionIs the conclusion comprehensive?YesNo
Briefly summarise what the authors concluded
REFLECTIONBriefly discuss the overall quality of the research based upon this appraisal
Discuss how the appraisal process has broadened your understanding of assessing the quality of published research.
REFERENCESList the references you used to support your statements above using Harvard style
:Use the uploaded article and table (the assignment should be written inside the table) and use the rubric to guide you to achieve the best score.The total word count is 1850 and it has to be divided as the following:550 words for the evaluation of the evidence (From title to methodology).900 words for describe the different approaches to research (from design to conclusion).400 words for the reflection section.Please answer all question with ( yes )


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