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March 21, 2021
Java Homework –
March 21, 2021

The purpose of this assignment is to bring together textual analysis, research, thesis development, and grammar lessons in the form a coherent, evidence-based argumentative essay.
Formal academic argumentative essay. The essay should include the following sections:Introduction (1 page): state the paper’s thesis and offer a brief breakdown of the argument to come.External research (1-2 pages): briefly summarize TWO peer-reviewed, scholarly secondary sources and explain what they contribute to your argument.Discussion (2-3 pages): explain how your secondary evidence, in combination with analysis of specific textual examples, supports your thesis.Conclusion (1 page): discuss how the argument of your essay produces new understandings of the novel and/or your chosen topic.Works Cited (1 page): end your paper with an MLA-formatted Works Cited.Length of paper: 6-7 typewritten pages of text (12-point font, Times New Roman, double spaced, 1-inch margins) PLUS Works Cited .
Essay Writing Process:1) At this point you’ve already selected your topic, developed your tentative thesis, and found one secondary source. Based on the feedback on your Project Proposal, refine your thesis. Make sure it’s contestable, defensible, and responds to your chosen topic. Make sure it answers the question “So what? Who cares?”2) Choose your two secondary sources. Write your summaries for them, using our lessons on summarizing and quoting effectively.3) Find the textual evidence you’re going to use in your paper. Make sure that it proves what you need it to prove.4) Write your discussion section. Remember the differences between how literature works and how research articles work (and how we treat language in both of them).
Evaluation Criteria:Introduction: Is your thesis defensible, contestable, original, and clearly stated? Does your introduction clearly outline the points of your argument and explain why your argument matters?External research: Are the two chosen sources scholarly, peer-reviewed, and appropriate to your chosen topic? Are your summaries concise, accurate, and focused? Do you make it clear why you chose these sources?Discussion: Do you convincingly combine textual analysis with external research to support your thesis? Are your arguments adequate to defend your thesis’ claims? Do you focus on evidence rather than generalizations or claims based on personal opinion?Conclusion: Do you effectively summarize your argument and demonstrate how it produces new understandings of the novel and/or your chosen topic?Communication: Is the paper written clearly, with proper structure, excellent grammar, proper MLA formatting, and minimal distractions due to typos?


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