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February 19, 2021
Complete the following from the textbook
February 19, 2021

Complete the following from the textbookFebruary 19, 2021

Security Plan
Scenario: In this organization, all data is considered sensitive and all email communications are considered sensitive to classified. All digital assets must be secure including internal/external communications. Formal policies, procedures, and training are essential elements to securing an organization.
For this assignment, use the scenario above to do the following:

Develop a comprehensive security plan that includes physical, application, operational, and remote security elements.
Develop and/or adapt a computing use and acceptable internet use policy for the organization.
Develop a remote access policy and procedure that includes the considerations of the teleworker/telecommuter.

Your well-written submission should meet the following requirements:

Be a minimum of three to four full pages in length.
Be formatted according to the APA Requirements.

Include at least three outside credible resources. Plagiarism policy is strict, please ensure in-line citations for all references used..


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