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October 17, 2020
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October 17, 2020

Respond to at least two of your peers’ posts.  Utilize the course text, weekly lecture, and at least one other scholarly source. Remember to properly cite your sources. Please include the # and name next to each response.
#1Tracey Beaton
TuesdayAug 15 at 7:11pm
Manage Discussion Entry
Unionization has pros and cons when looking from a management perspective. Loss of flexibility, a costly negotiator will need to be hired, grievance processes put in place and if the company goes on strike the loss of profit could be devastating. “If the workers go on strike, the businesswill lose production and incur the security costs also associated with a strike(Seaquist, 2015)”. These are valid concerns and take away the freedom of the employers to run their companies as they see fit. Unionization is great for employees to reach higher pay wages and benefits. As the text stated unions have started to dwindle over the years.
I do not agree or disagree with the views of management on unionization. I feel that if an employer chooses to invest his money in a company and employee people to do the companies business that employer should be allowed to run the company they way they choose. Following state and federal guidelines and treating employees fairly. On the other side unionization may help a company that is unstructured become structured and give great satisfaction to both employee and employer. The fact that the employees could go on strike at any time is a huge downfall to unionization. Employees can anger quickly and influence others to make rash decisions. This decision could be devastating to the employer. Unionization has pros and cons and I feel if implemented properly is a great system.
Seaquist, G. (2015). Employee and labor relations: A practical guide. San Diego: Bridgepoint Education
#2terraia chase
TuesdayAug 15 at 7:31pm
Manage Discussion Entry
When a person hears that a company has a union, they often times get excited because they feel as though they have support. However, management does not like unions because they look at the groups as a negative thing. I believe it is looked upon as negative because most people who are apart of the union have issues with the things that takes place within the company. So when new employees come, most of the time its the people who are in the union will talk bad about the company to them to gain more support. Also management is responsible for provided a lawyer to support the people in the union to ensure that the things agreed upon are being displayed on a daily basis. This could cost the company a lot of money that they may not be able to afford.
I believe that having a union in a company is a great incentive for a company because it shows an employer that they actually care about their feelings and thoughts about the day to day structure of the company. Yes it is more costly, however it shows an employee that they are valued and their voices can be heard to make the workplace more comfortable for them.


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