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November 19, 2020
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November 19, 2020

The following assignment is asking you to establish such networks with 3 people in your field of interest and conduct a face to face or telephone interview. For example, if you are interested in accounting then speak to recent accounting graduates, chartered accountants and/or people who work for companies that interest you.
If you are unsure what career path you wish to pursue, speak to people in management, entrepreneurship, marketing and/or finance. The purpose of this assignment is to:

Assist you in learning more about your potential career.
Make valuable connections with people who can provide advice, guidance and perhaps serve as a role model.
See how some of the theories that we learn about in class are applicable to real world situations

Some common fears:
Some students feel that this assignment is challenging as they are immediately stuck by two or three negative thoughts such as:
a) I do not know anybody.
b) I do not like bothering people.
c) I am not good at asking for advice.
But — you will quickly discover that you know more people than you think, that people like to offer advice, and that asking for advice is quite easy.
How do I get started?
The best sources for potential networking opportunities:

Family – they cannot be used directly, but they probably know someone you can talk to.
Once you complete one interview, ask him or her if they can introduce you to somebody that may be of interest.
If people are really stuck for someone to interview then try contacting the MSVU Alumni office. The office would be a good starting place to find out about recent grads who may be working in your field. Additional places to look for interview candidates on campus include: Career Services, the Centre for Women in Business and your professors.

What kind of questions should I ask?
Anything – you are only limited by your imagination. You should probably start with basic questions and then move to questions that relate course material to the real world. The following are examples of questions that students have used in the past:
Basic Questions:

What do you do on a day-to-day basis?
What educational background do you have?
What were the most important things you learned in life or school that have assisted you in your field?
Is your job enjoyable?
Would you recommend this career to someone? Why or Why not?
What advice would you offer students that are thinking about this as a career?

Theoretical Questions (Depending on the person you are interviewing):

When you started your company did you write a business plan? Why or why not?
You work in promotions. How has the Internet changed the way you promote products? Has the Internet impacted other aspects of your marketing mix?
You work in HR. Has it been difficult to fill positions over the last number of years? What does your company do to remain attractive to potential employees?

What do you pass in ?
You will submit to your professor a one page summary of who you interviewed describing their education, work background and why you decided to interview them. You will then write a 4 – 6 page reflection (12 pt font; 1.5 spacing) describing what you learned and whether you enjoyed the assignment. Good assignments will:

compare previous knowledge to new knowledge
compare theory from the text and class lectures to what the interviewee said
describe what if anything you found surprising
state if you liked the assignment and the reasons – why or why not

You must submit the question and answer section of your interview as an appendix.


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