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April 9, 2021
in a formal 400 500 word essay describe the four components of an information system why is it important to consider each of them when designing and installing an information system
April 9, 2021

# For this assignment, download “bdims.csv” dataset from Canvas.
# Run the following code to read the dataset.
# This is about people’s body dimensions.
# variable explanations:
# age: a numerical vector, respondent’s age in years
# wgt: a numerical vector, respondent’s weight in kilograms
# hgt: a numerical vector, respondent’s height in centimeters
# sex: a categorical vector, 1 if the respondent is male, 0 if female
# Questions
# 1) Calculate mean and median of the following variables in the dataset:
#    weight and height. By looking at these values, what can you say
#    about the skewness of these variables?
# 2) Calculate standard deviation, variance, range and IQR of the
#    height variable.
# 3) We are wondering about the average height of the males, and females in the dataset.
#    Which gender in the dataset is taller?
# 4) Which gender has the highest variability in terms of their weight?
# 5) Which variable (age, weight, or height) has the highest variability?
# 6) Draw a boxplot of the weight variable for males who are older than 30.
#    Based on the plot, what would you say about the skewness of the distribution?
# 7) Create a histogram for the age of females.
#    Based on the plot, what could you say about the mode and skewness
#    of the distribution?
# 8) Create a matrix plot for the last 4 columns in the dataset.
# 9) Create a panel of 1 X 2, in which first window shows a scatter plot of
#    height vs. weight, and second window shows a box plot of height vs. sex.
# 10) Create a 5-point summary for the age variable. Calculate the IQR.



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