In this graph the blue line (circle symbols) shows aggregate expenditures, the orange line (square symbols) shows a 45-degree line, and the vertical
October 17, 2020
HCS325 Phoenix Benchmark Assignment Importance Of Teams
October 17, 2020

By applying the various principles, draw a single cross-section of an area in which the following sequences of events occurred. We did cross-sections like this in class and numerous examples are present in your book. The relative time relationship between events should be clear to you from your cross-section. I will only accept this hand drawn/written.
a) Metamorphism took place during the Archean.
b) During later Precambrian time, uplift and erosion reduced the area to a plane.
c) Three layers of marine sedimentary rock (limestone) were deposited on the plane during Ordovician through Devonian time.
d) Although sedimentation may have taken place during the Mississippian through Permian, there are presently no sedimentary rocks of that age in the area.
e) A vertical dike intruded all rocks that existed here during the Permian.
f) A layer of sandstone was deposited during the Triassic.
g) All of the rocks were tilted 45 during the Cretaceous.
h) Cretaceous tilting was followed by erosion to a planar surface.
i) The area dropped below sea level, and two layers of Tertiary sedimentary rock were deposited on the erosion surface.
j) Uplift and erosion during the Quaternary resulted in a slightly hilly surface.
k) Following erosion, a vertical dike fed a small volcano.


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