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February 24, 2021
Civil Engineer Report, ( Tension test ) due in 25 hours |
February 24, 2021

Calculate [K+] total where [K+] tota l= [K+] of KNO3 + [K+] of Tartrate and Ksp. Assume that KNO3 is 86 percent ionized. Then Calculate the Ksp an experiment on common ion solubility. Where titrate the solution of 1 g potassium hydrogen tartrate (KHC4H4O6) and about 100 ml 0.020 M KNO3. Pipette the 10 ml of solution + 50 ml of distilled water into Erlenmeyer flask and using burette NaOH 0.019 M for titration measured Volume of NaOH used is 10.40 ml.


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