Do you think you could be convinced to let your organization dump chemicals such as chromium-6 into the water supply? Why or why not?Case Study: Assignment Objective: In 3 pages, evaluate best practices for utilizing groups and work teams in organization.
September 16, 2020
Take Home Exam 8 – Shareholder Remedies Michael is the managing director and sole shareholder of ModelYou Pty Ltd, which runs a personal training…
September 16, 2020

Imagine that you have a chronic health condition and are required to make frequent trips to several different doctors and medical facilities monthly (all on different Electronic Medical Records and Electronic Health Record platforms). Each time prior to a visit, you fill out a Release of Information (ROI) form so that all providers are aware of any new information. You have been hearing buzz in the news about how facilities are push towards a Community Health Record for greater Continuity of Care.

In your initial post, give your perspective on what it will take to move towards a Community Health Record. Make sure to include thoughts on estimated cost and time.

Please make this at least 5 sentences and use a in text citation with a reference in apa format.


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