North American Free Trade Agreement and Economic Integration
February 19, 2021
Discussion 4.1: Technology Diffusion – Submit Your Homeworks
February 19, 2021

Adjusting capacity
Seasonality refers to a strong relationship of demand for a product or service that varies according to the time of year. As you might suspect, seasonality also has a significant influence on most markets. Because of this impact, it is crucial that operations managers consider the implications of seasonality whenever they make capacity decisions. In this Collaboration, you will explore seasonality’s influence in further detail but do so from the perspective of an organisation you work for or with which you are familiar.
To prepare for this Collaboration:

Review the Learning Resources for this week with a focus on adjusting for capacity.
learning resources include:

Lee, H.L., Padmanabhan, V. & Whang, S. (1997) ‘The bullwhip effect in supply chains’, MIT Sloan Management Review, 38 (3), pp. 93-102, [Online].
Moghaddam, M. & Nof, S.Y. (2014) ‘Combined demand and capacity sharing with best matching decisions in enterprise collaboration’, International Journal of Production Economics, 148 (C), pp. 93-109, [Online].
Slack, Jones and Johnston: Operations management book.:

Reflect on the influence of seasonality on capacity decisions.


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