A ball of mass 0.540 kg moving east (+x direction) with a speed of 3.30 m/s collides head-on with a 0.640 kg ball at rest. |
November 22, 2020
Vector vector A has a magnitude of 9.10 units and makes an angle of 54.0 with the positive x-axis. Vector vector B also has a magnitude of 8.00 units…
November 22, 2020

Capstone Paper, Part I
· Introduction (Completed in Week 1) 
o State the practice problem in measurable terms and that reflect quality indicators.
This is the same problem described in the Week 1 Practice Experience discussion.
Provide the rationale for selecting the practice problem
o Include a purpose statement.
· Analysis of Evidence (Completed in Week 2) 
o Synthesize a minimum of 5 evidence-based practice resources that support your practice problem. Include a minimum of two to three research studies obtained from the Walden Library.
· Quality Improvement Process (Completed in Week 3)
o Describe the quality improvement process and a brief overview the quality model that will be used to improve your practice problem. Include a description of a quality tool that will be used in the quality improvement plan.
o This process will be used to support the detailed proposed quality improvement plan in Week 4
o Explain why the specific quality model was selected and document your explanation with references.
o Summary
§ Summarize the key points discussed in the paper.






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