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April 8, 2021
Briefly discuss the implications of these results for nursing/midwifery practice and/or patient care?
April 8, 2021

Case StudyTyping Guidelines:1. The critique must be typed using .12 font in Times New Roman or Arial style font. Margins should be one-inch for the entire document. The entire document should be 3 pages in length.2. The entire critique portion of the document (sections B – F) should be double-spaced.Include the Following:A. APA Reference Citation (20 points): A complete APA reference citation for each article.B. Article Overview (20 points): Provide an overview of the purpose, research methods, major findings, and conclusions of the article. This should not be taken from the published abstract for the article but should consist of assessment of the article.C. Analysis Implications (20 points): An analysis of the major implications of the article as they relate to the management approach, business proceedings, or business issue addressed in the article.D. Research Limitations (20 points): What were some of the weaknesses of the research for the article? Why does it not apply to every situation, every business, or every person? Why would the research not be universally accepted? What aspects of the process used to conduct the research are weak or flawed?E. Personal Perspective (10 points): This is the only portion of the critique where you can specifically state your feelings, views, or position from a personal perspective regarding the article.F. Critique Summary (10 points): Provide a conclusion of what you have said so far. Simply restate and reiterate sections B – E in a succinct manner. You should also make a recommendation about the type of reader likely to enjoy or benefit from the article and what types of business leader, manger, or business entity might benefit from the content of the article.REMEMBER DO NOT USE FIRST PERSON (I, ME, MY)
Refer Career Toolkit Textbook here https://bookshelf.vitalsource.com/#/
do not use transitional phrases:however,also,in addition,moreover,first,second,lastly,moreover,furthermore,very,like,i,my,by
use my name as : Yanamala
use one reference from career toolkit textbook

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