Aspen University Expanding Cultural Knowledge in Nursing Presentation
February 24, 2021
prepare a HSE report in up to 2000 words
February 24, 2021

case study is attached
Following questions needs to be answered
1.Explain the success that Lane Bryant has experienced in relation to self-concept, self-esteem, and self-consciousness. How can the plus-size industry leverage what we know about consumer behavior to address self-esteem issues? Be sure to address the unique challenges facing plus-size brands in today’s marketplace.
2.Discuss the real-world changes that appear to be occurring with respect to media images of women. What are the reasons for this? Find two recent articles or examples that illustrate these changes.
3. How do you reconcile the greater degree of acceptance of plus-size women with the
parallel emphasis our society continues to place on thinness (as evidenced by
the billions we spend on diet products, exercise, and so on)? Given the health
problems associated with obesity (heart disease, diabetes, etc.) should the
industry continue to encourage this acceptance? What role is social media
playing in this issue


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