As part of a research program for a new cholesterol drug, a pharmaceutical company would like to investigate the relationship between the ages and…
October 9, 2020
Post a description of the experience you selected. Next, explain how you addressed the bias at the time. Finally, now that you have had time to reflect and consider the situation, explain whether you would have addressed it differently. If so, how? If not
October 9, 2020

Choose And Write A Reflection Paper On An Article Relating To A Strategy That Can Be Incorporated Into The Social Studies Classroom. (Elementary) 
Choose an article relating to a strategy that can be incorporated into the Social Studies Classroom.
Reflection should be 1 ½-2 pages which includes the following:
A summary of the strategy discussed in the article
An evaluation of the strategy
How could you implement this strategy in your instruction?
How would this strategy meet the needs of your students?
(If implemented) How effective was the incorporation of this strategy into your instruction?


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