policy monitoring vs policy evaluation comparison brief 4
March 21, 2021
NIB 衣類 ボタンダウンシャツ Van Heusen
March 21, 2021

There is an increasingly prominent trend in many organizations to move a substantial portion of or even all information technology (IT) operations to an Internet-connected infrastructure known as enterprise cloud computing. As we know, with every technology there are security considerations.
For this discussion, please provide a thorough response to the below questions.

Define cloud computing.
List and briefly define three cloud service models.
What is the cloud computing reference architecture?
Describe some of the main cloud-specific security threats.

References for class

Required Reading

Chapter 15: User Authentication
Chapter 16: Network Access Control and Cloud Security
Chapter 17: Transport-Level Security

Additional Resources

Required Text

Required TextStallings, Williams. Cryptography and Network Security. Pearson, 2017.
Print ISBN: 9780134444284, 0134444280
eText ISBN: 9780134444635, 0134444639

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