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March 6, 2020
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March 6, 2020

Arroyo Fresco Community Health Center Case Study (2006) (1).pdf  

This is the report you are writing on.  It is online.

Use of the 6 dimensions of Critical Thinking/Blooms is required format. See Grading rubric

Your work with Intravalley Health has been well received. In fact, you have gained a reputation for insightful analysis. Given this, the board chair has asked you to assemble a consulting team to assist another healthcare organization on whose board he also serves – and where his mother receives her routine care.

The task for your team is to research and analyze the organization and develop a new organizational strategy for the Arroyo Fresco Community Health Center. This strategy will be presented to the Arroyo Fresco board via a written report and a summarizing presentation.

The Report (20 of the 30% value of this assignment)

Your report should be a brief seven to ten-page paper (excluding tile page, abstract, and reference list), which includes:

  • Discussion of new strategy, research support for the strategy, knowledge of best practices in reorganization.
  • Analysis of a new organizational structure or ownership, if needed, supported by research completed along with examples of the pros and cons.

Specific goals and recommendations for the future, new and unique ideas or research supported rationale for continuing or changing current practices.

Description of how strategy will be executed and measured, including financing, revenue and expense. How will you pay for the changes you recommend? This is a critical part of the exercise.

The Presentation (10 of the 30% value of this assignment)

You can expect to have approximately 10 minutes to present your findings to the Arroyo Fresco board of directors. The presentation can be in any format that can be viewed in a standalone mode (i.e. without internet service; the Community Health Center has a small technology budget). While PowerPoint is a popular choice, you are encouraged to use any presentation modality that can be viewed on a Microsoft operating system.


The strategy should be formulated using the information from the case study (found in the Course Resources tab, eReadings folder) and your research, including an analysis of the results, and should take into account current concerns including health care reform, the political environment in Arizona, the state of the economy, financing, and leadership and management principles learned during this course.



Please read to the end. If your selected topic does not accommodate one or more of the listed topics you will need to select a topic from below. Sorry for any confusion.

I sent a mini lecture to supplement the Research assignment for 660 to the UMUC email you listed:

Note: I may have responded in the discussion thread affirming a research topic. Be sure your selection includes one or more of the bullets in the original assignment.

You have been hired as the vice president for operations for Intravalley Health. One of your first tasks is to educate the board of directors concerning the evolving nature of healthcare and how it impacts the health system.

Identify a professional or scholarly journal article that addresses a topic within one of these three broad areas:

  • Change management, conflict resolution, strategic communication, preparedness, or crisis management in healthcare.
  • Human resources specific to healthcare: physician relations, staff recruitment and retention, in-service training, policy making and enforcement, counseling and professional development, credentialing, or management.
  • The patient experience and satisfaction surveys.
  • Medical tourism.


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